Botox Fears: How I learned that my fear of Botox was all in my head.

Botox Fears: How I learned that my fear of Botox was all in my head.

Some fears are all in your head. Like my fear of Botox.

So you’re nervous about getting Botox or Dysport? I was too! Not about the results, but about the possibility of pain. In the pain department, I’m such a big chicken you could serve me with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Needless to say, I walked into the treatment room with a racing heart and sweaty palms. About to have my face evaluated to see how I could benefit from Botox/Dysport, just the thought of a needle to my forehead was almost enough to make me pass out.

It sounds silly, but I was so nervous (and worried about the pain) that it was literally all I could think about. But once Dr. Fairweather patiently helped me relax, I was able to focus on my breathing.

She asked if I wanted numbing cream on my forehead (yes, DUH!) and then applied a small amount. I was skeptical that this would do anything, but she promised it would. After about five minutes, Dr. Fairweather not only told me where I would be getting the injections but also gave me a heads-up when each would happen by saying “stick.”

Listen up when I tell you this: it seriously helps if you breathe out when she says “stick.” It sounds like such a small thing, but making sure you focus on proper breathing during treatment is a win/win distraction.

So…back to the pain thing. In all honesty, the Botox injections were a lot less painful than what I’d imagined. (The sensation was nothing more than a little pinch.) And the results are 10 times better than I’d ever hoped for! YAY! No more wrinkles!

Please don’t let your fear of pain come between you and the positive results you can achieve with Botox or Dysport. Heck, if a chicken like me can do it, you can, too! And if you’re still worried about pain, just let Dr. Fairweather and staff know your concerns. They really want to make sure you have a relaxing time – and that the results are what you’d dreamed of.


After my first experience, I no longer ask for the numbing cream before my treatment. But knowing that it’s there if I need it really gives me confidence and helps my nerves.

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